ABM Contractors pursues the principals of excellence in all that we undertake.

ABM Contractors’ philosophy is to embrace partnering, to forge close alliances and long-term relationships, while adding value to the businesses and communities we operate within.

Health and Safety is something that ABM takes very seriously. It starts by managing risk proactively and implementing simple, yet effective, solutions. During the execution of projects, ABM employees take particular care to ensure that all risk is evaluated and managed effectively.

Our vision is to enhance the quality of life for the host communities in which we operate. ABM utilizes its social licence to foster open and honest communications and contribute to the sustainability of these communities.

The conservation of precious natural resources and the continued health of our planet is a responsibility ABM embraces. The business continually strives to facilitate the least possible disruption to the natural or built environment.

Our commitment to quality flows from an awareness that, long after involvement on a project is complete, our reputation will continue to be influenced by the work and service provided.

A core set of values based on integrity binds employees together and provides the ethical and responsible framework for conducting business and enhancing ABM Contractor’s professional reputation.

ABM’s commitment to a project extends beyond the mine site, and it always will. How employees conduct themselves in the local communities affects the company’s reputation and it is because of that fact management extends beyond the hours they attend the workplace. ABM Contractors offers employment opportunities for local people and have always been supportive of local service providers.

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